• Is obsessive to the point of annoyance about taking photos and no longer has any friends who want to come for a walk.

    Is constantly seen trying to take coat off with camera still dangling around neck and having trouble getting arm out of sleeve.

    Is ready to point the lens at anything that moves but has a preference for things that don't move as this make the whole technical thing much easier.

    Is ready to pass off every accidental and random success as having only been achieved by pure talent and skill.

    Is forever losing: the battery charger, the download cable and the lens cap.

    Has discovered a hitherto unknown subconscious photographic interest in: doors and paths leading nowhere. Very odd. Don't analyse me.

    Has reoccurring nightmares of not clicking the shutter quick enough and thus missing out on the best shot ever in the whole wide world.

    Am displaying picture of me my husband took shortly after he said. "Hey - come here and have YOUR photo taken for once."